Which “10 All Time Greatest Novels” List Is Better?

Books to read maybe? I need to start somewhere… Opinions on these books anyone? I find that there is a VERY wide variety of literature tastes, and honestly, I don’t trust these lists.

Dysfunctional Literacy

A few months ago, I vowed that I wouldn’t read a 10 All Time Greatest Novels list that came out on a popular weekly entertainment site.  I was pretty sure I’d disagree with the list, and I was also certain that the experts who had compiled the list hadn’t read every book ever published and therefore weren’t qualified to determine what the ten best books of all time were. 

Then a couple weeks ago a British publication/site devised its own Top 100 Novels list.  Curiosity overcame my integrity, and I decided to go ahead and read the lists.  After all, I wanted to know how similar (or different) two competing lists of book rankings could be.  Both lists went up to 100, but in the interest of keeping this post short, I’ve cut the lists to their top ten.  Maybe, just maybe, the two lists would have the exact same books.  If two “best ever…

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